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I think the Chinese proverb “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand” is particularly relevant when it comes to education
— Sarah
Sarah Thomas, Ed.D.

Sarah is the Education Chair and is one of the g4g Board Members.  Sarah is based in New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA and oversees the strategy, vision and activities in the Americas. Sarah is a University Professor.  

Find Sarah on LinkedIn or email her on sarah@greenlightforgirls.org


Kelly Torres

"Follow your dreams and desires concerning your career. Everything is possible; it was to me, and why not to you! Do things with love, it is the most important, and you will have all you need to achieve your desires!  Difficulties make part of life, everybody passes for that, and you will always have someone to help you: family friends…. and… something else: we also are there to support you in your scientific dreams!"

                                                                      – Kelly

Kelly is based in Minas Gerais, Brazil and is our Country manager organizing g4g events in Brazil. She is a University Professor and an Astronomer. 

You can email Kelly on kelly@greenlightforgirls.org


Past events:

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Greenlight for Girls is working to expand our reach in the Americas. What began as a partnership between one university in a small New England coastal town, has already spread to the West Coast and Brazil. We started by reaching out to schools in New England because of the reputation the area has for high-quality education and its worldwide status.  From our very first event in the US, we partner with the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth Kaput Center for Research and Innovation in STEM Education for our greenlight for girls Day events in New England South Coast.

We elected to partner with the Kaput Center because the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth is well-renowned for its marine science and engineering programs and the Kaput Center is a pioneer in STEM education research. Additionally, the Kaput Center works with teachers from the area to provide them with innovative ideas for the classroom, so it was a natural partnership. In addition to myself, g4g remains indebted to the Kaput Center Director Stephen Hegedus, Ph.D. for his willingness to work with a newly formed non-profit and his enthusiasm for the project. The project could not have taken off without the assistance of Becky Moniz, the Kaput Center’s project manager and Ryan Robidieux a research associate at the Kaput Center. Both Becky and Ryan spent countless hours working to make sure all workshops were in order and that the girls had a great time.

In 2012, we continued our momentum with holding workshops at schools, our 2nd annual event and reaching out to colleagues in Canada. We are in the process of applying for grants and looking for sponsorship. It’s a great time to be working in STEM education, particularly in North America, and we feel that g4g will only continue to expand its reach.

In 2012, we were excited to expand our activities in South America - with our very first event in Ouro Branco, Brazil.  Led by g4g Country Manager Kelly Torres and her team, we held our very first greenlight for girls Day event plus several g4g in the classroom workshops.  2013 plans are already underway.

2013 will bring even more expansion into the Americas -- New England events, Minas Gerais events and the beginning of the greenlight for girls Chapters.  First stop - Detroit! 

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